The Dark Side of Pretty: Trends for F/W 2014

Velvet and lace, two fabrics that are seemingly rich in history and culture can be found at the forefront of fashion once again. No matter what decade or era, both fabrics have been in the fashion industry in one way or another. Whether it has been on accessories, couture gowns or lingerie, they are both widely used, even to this day. Lace and velvet have once again been spotted on the runway, not only ...



Easy Perfect High Five Ponytail

With all the daily duties at hand, sometimes our hair can get in the way. Put it up by gathering it in a ponytail. This is not just any hairdo – it’s fun, playful and it means business! And the best news is that you can do it like a pro! So gather the right tools and follow the simple guidelines below for the perfect ponytail. What you’ll need: Sea Salt spray mixture Blow dryer Small paddle hair ...



Fashionable Furry Friends

Yes, these pets live the life of the rich and famous. Wether it’s Gaga’s bulldog dressed in McQueen or Lagerfeld’s cat travelling on private jets…these furry friends really do it all! 1. Bubba Sue – Miley Cyrus’s pet pig 2. Cecil – Cara Delevingne’s pet bunny 3. Choupette – Karl Lagerfeld’s cat 4. Neville and Charlie – Marc Jacobs’s ...