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Jeremy Scott brings the Golden Arch ‘M’ to Moschino!


Jeremy Scott took the reins at Milan Fashion Week, showing his first collection as Creative Director for Italian fashion house, Moschino. Scott is known for his quirky, youthful edge and seems to be the perfect fit for Moschino’s boundary pushing esthetic. With the runway invites sent out looking like a chocolate bar, it was evident that Scott was stepping up to the podium to show his taste of humor reflected into designs. The show begun with McDonalds red and yellow inspired uniforms and garments printed with the golden arches bent into the Moschino “M”. Chunky plastic chain belts and earings were styled with outfits, fun accessories any girl would wish to find in a Happy Meal. A Black and white Chanel inspired braid-edge jacket in cow print and leather was printed with an amusing slogan on the back, “drink Moschino”.

The Chanel attributes became even more distinct with plastic chain straps on quilted handbags and two-piece suits. The show quickly evolved into a continuous use of leather and denim with copious amounts of chain detailing and accessorizing. Stand-out piece, a parka style coat with straps to style as a backpack. Taking it back to the junk food comical couture a mix of Sponge bob prints and faces appeared on the runway in forms of handbags, pumps, sweater dresses, backpacks, puffer coats and leggings.

The lights on the runway turned off momentarily only to reveal model, Lily McMenamy strutting the crisp white runway in a Budweiser printed dress coated with the Moschino label. After turning down many offers, Scott could not have made a better decision joining Moschino.

“I want to be at a place that I can be my fullest self,” he said. “It was a pure extension of my own voice. In that way, it felt like the right thing.”

-Jeremy Scott