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Classical Art meets Hip-Hop: Fly Art clothing


The two designers from Fly Arts tumblr blog Gisella Velasco and Toni Pontenciano have taken the hip-hop art history trend from the internet to the real world.

Their tumblr is comprised of famous masterpieces with superimposed borrowed lyrics from musical artists including Wu-Hip HopTang Clan, Beyonce, Kayne West, Jay-Z and more across the pieces. These lyrics capture the classic works of art, giving the art a new modern and fun twist. It’ s a mix of two of the most essential aspects of culture of the moment: art and hip-hop.

Now these famous paintings and lyrics have been made into t-shirts, sweatshirts and tanks. The designer duo have collaborated with the French based clothing company Rad to make these cultural pieces of clothing. They are all available online through Rad and are all under $20.

So whether you are a hip-hop or art history fanatic, or both, there’s something for you!