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The Revival of the 90’s


When fashion trends come back into style again, which inevitably they do, some stay away from them. However there are those fashion risk takers who take something they may have worn once as a kid and do it with a modern twist.

The 90’s were a time of anti-fashion with the rise of grunge, hip-hop and the rave scene. It was a decade of boy and girl90s bands, like N’Sync and The Spice Girls; TV shows like Full House, Friends and Boy Meets World.

Music led the fashion scene though, especially bands like Nirvana. Bands influenced both men and women with their fashion trends.

The major fashion movement of the 90’s was Grunge, starting in Seattle and spreading throughout the world, becoming especially popular on the streets of London where many young people were into the anti-fashion trend. Hair was unstyled and often bleached, makeup was either heavily worn or not at all. Accessories were strong, with heavy jewelry, and boots like Doc Martens.

This was the time of overalls, crop tops, printed dresses, skorts, high waisted Levi’s and concert tees. And especially the plaid shirt, either worn open with a tank under or tied around the waist. All which have been revived into something modern that people wear today.

Take maxi skirts and dresses, some of us may have worn them as kids, now the style has come back and people are wearing them in a modern way. The same goes for printed dresses, perhaps once paired with an oversized denim jacket and Doc Martens on the streets of London. Someone will probably take that inspiration and make it their own paired with a pair of sandals and hat for the perfect summer outfit. Even crop tops have reappeared, this time better than ever. Worn with a high waisted skirt and heels, a crop top can be the perfect top for a night out.

The trends of the 90’s have been reborn into something new. What trend will you try this summer?