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A Passion for Fashion: Anna Della Russo


In the fashion industry, everyone knows who Anna Della Russo is. However, how much do you actually know about the opulent fashion icon?

Anna_Dello_Russo_Two_Shoot-013Born in Bari, Italy, Anna was passionate about fashion from a young age. Following this passion, the arts were equally important to her. She has her Masters in Italian Literature and the History of Art. She currently resides in one of the fashion capitals of the world, Milan, Italy.  Before becoming the editor of Vogue Japan, she was the editor of Vogue Italia for 18 years. She was also the editor of the men’s Vogue Italia for 4 years.

Della Russo is not only an editor at Vogue Japan, but also an avid fashion blogger. She, however, is most well known for her street style, captured widely by bloggers around the world. The fashion blogger that truly started this craze was Scott Schulman’s: The Sartorialist.

Labeled as a fashion maniac, that only begins to describe her obsession with fashion, specifically high fashion. She is said to own over 4,000 pairs of shoes.

“I can be naked as long as I’m wearing the right pair of shoes.” –Anna Della Russo Anna

Seen at the fashion weeks across the world, she is known for her eccentric and head turning outfits. She is always wearing something different, even changing multiple times a day so that she is never shot in an outfit twice. Her personality like her fashion choices is larger than life.

The trick to her way of dressing is to take radical runway pieces and sport them during the day. Della Russo’s style isn’t the only thing that makes her completely different from all other fashion editors, she is ever present not only at the shows but online as well.

Her life revolves around fashion and perhaps that is why she was only married for a brief month and has no children. Her whole life is dedicated to fashion and that is what is most important to her.