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TBT: Carrie Bradshaw Over the Years


Sex and the City ended 10 years ago, however we still look back to its most fashionable character: Carrie Bradshaw.

The series ran from 1998-2004, with six seasons and was produced by HBO. For those of you who didn’t watch, it was set andCarrie filmed in New York City and followed the lives of four women.

The popularity of this romantic comedy was due to its relevance in its story lines. Discussing sexuality, femininity, friendship and romantic relationships, there was always something for every woman to relate to. The fashion wasn’t the only inspirational part of the TV show, but the strength found in each character.

Carrie Bradshaw was the narrator of Sex and the City; the actress Sarah Jessica Parker played her. On the show she was a writer for the New York Star and her column was “Sex and The City.” Other then her romantic relationships, specifically her on and off again one with Mr. Big, Carrie was most well known for her unique fashion sense.

This fashion sense was on the verge of an obsession, specifically with her love of shoes, Manolo Blahnik’s to be exact. Her wardrobe was what women’s dreams are made of.   She was the show’s trendsetter, who was never afraid of taking a fashion risk.  Some styles she popularized were her infamous oversized flower brooch, her furs and her love of voluminous skirts, specifically the tutu style.

CarrieDue to this risk taking flair for fashion, she always pushed her style to the next level. This provided an endless amount of inspiration for the show’s viewers and made Carrie the character almost everyone wanted to be.  Not only was her fashion ever changing but also her hair; from straight to curly, or cut into a bob or long, each season Carrie had a new hairstyle to emulate.

As the show wrapped up 10 years ago, with two feature films following and letting the viewers get closure for their favourite four friends, Carrie continues to live on in our fashion dreams.

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