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My Three Minutes in Heaven with Fashion Designer Dennis Basso


By NICHE Associate Editor Chelsea Forman

Twitter is a pretty incredible thing.  It keeps users up to date with friends and colleagues, and of course gives us a 140 character look into the lives of our favourite celebrities – sometimes even more than once a day!  The latter lure of twitter allows us to take a glimpse into the lives of the rich and famous – and if we happen to be in the right cyber place at the right time, occasionally they reach back out to us.

Canadian supermodel Coco Rocha for Dennis Basso, Fall 2013 Collection
Canadian supermodel Coco Rocha for Dennis Basso, Fall 2013 Collection

Personally, it takes a lot for me to become star struck – it needs to be a really brilliant person, an activist, a saint, or an artist to get me really jazzed up about an interaction.  As I think clothing design may be one of the most exquisite, innovative, brilliant art forms, you can imagine my delight when legendary designer Dennis Basso clicked that sweet little follow button on my Twitter page.  Oh yes, it happened.  I existed in the world of Basso. I lived and breathed and had a name and a place on his ‘Following’ list.

Can I get a hashtag #awesome?

I need to clarify I am not a particular fan of Basso’s extensive fur line, but his dresses, oh his dresses.  They are simply beautiful.  There’s nothing dark or particularly alarming about them, they just embody pure estrogen pumping femininity.  Man or woman, it is nearly impossible not to have a strong regard for Basso’s brilliant designs.

So there I was… just a girl being followed by Dennis Basso.

Two independent artists connecting in the twit-o-sphere, as if to say: “hey, I respect what you do. We should work together and maybe do trade one day?” – Ok, ok , maybe not that’s not what our connection said, a girl can dream though right?

So, it was about three minutes.  Enough time for me to show NICHE Editor in Chief, Tracey Drake, and Creative Director, Leia Vik, my Twitter handle (@Chelsea_NICHE) on the glorious list of 179 other followees.  And then Dennis Basso realized that he either A) accidentally clicked the ‘Follow’ button, or B) had no interest in me or my Twitter feed.  Anyways, both are equally bad and just three minutes later – he took the time to go back and click unfollow.

Now, while most people may find that little gem of a story mortifying and to be put into the vault of ‘never EVER talk about’, I am quite the optimist and will say those three minutes of Dennis Basso’s time I wasted, are probably more than most people get to waste, and he may or may not (probably MAY) remember that for several months to come.


Dennis Basso – Mercedes Benz Fashion Week – Spring 2013 Collection