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Simons Brings a Savage Sweetness to Dior – Paris Fashion Week


In Simons short time so far at Dior as Creative Director, he is now at the point where he is comfortable to release a more ready-to-wear collection. By far the most commercial collection he has shown to date, his fall 2015 collection 7shown at Paris Fashion Week was not short of the Dior history and legacy. Taking inspiration from the classic bar-shaped silhouettes, Simons modernized them in a way suitable for a fashion forward modern woman. Double-breasted jackets, tweed pantsuits and mini dresses all injected with a futuristic twist.

Coatdresses were complemented with thigh-high vinyl boots bringing a sense of attitude and strength to the classic romanticism of Dior. With a main inspiration of animals and opposites, Simons wanted to bring an undefined savage sexual essence to his cohesive collection. Softer materials were used to juxtapose tumblr_nkt4g2oh6t1qlekeqo1_1280impeccable masculine tailoring and boasting exotic skins, animalistic motifs and camouflage details accessorized the looks. The femininity of nature was evident, but it wasn’t in the usual floral application that you would expect from Dior but the liberation of a darker beauty and animalistic mood that shone bright.