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Sports Luxe Fashion Flair for 2014


Happy 2014! Though many of us are still struggling to write the correct year on our daily notes, nobody can deny the fact that a new cycle of the calendar has begun. New Year’s resolutions bombard our to-do lists, promising ourselves to be wiser, bolder and healthier. We breathe in, bend, stretch, run and sweat. And with every exhale, we let it all go: the past, the regrets, last year’s crop tops and ombre fashion trend.

As beings of change, we recognize the opportunity for new beginnings and one of them is a better, healthier version of ourselves. Designers want that too. Stella McCartney worked with Adidas to create a line of ready-to-wear work out ensemble for the fit savvy. Lacoste designer Felipe Oliveira Baptista was inspired by the life inside the tennis court creating sporty in sophistication pieces. In Tommy Hilfiger, one can feel the energy and the athletic ambiance. From a basketball jersey dress to a sexy casual bathing suit, one can say that it was inspired by the endless Californian summer. While Dutch sportswear label Goldbergh redefinedsports as a luxury. With its distinctive style, they have created their collection to fit an active and confident woman.

These are the times for some R & R – reflection and renewal. Whether you want a sexier silhouette, a closet makeover or just to be a better you, change is indeed inevitable and it is never easy. But if you embrace it, stick to a goal and put your mind to it, then you will surely succeed.