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Artists Craig & Karl Create the World’s Largest Candy Carpet…and It’s Sweet!


Design Duo, Craig Redman and Karl Maier might live in different parts of the world, but they find time to collaborate and create craig-and-karl-cover-chengdu-street-in-13-tons-of-candy-designboom-12bold work that is filled with simple messages executed in a humorous and thoughtful way. University friends joined creative forces to conquer the digital culture to the fashion industry one project at a time.

Known for their collaborations with renown fashion and industry businesses, most notably exhibited at the Musée de la Publicité and the Louvre, they have worked on projects for clients like LVMH, Google, Nike, Apple, Vogue and The New York Times.

The Artists recent project involved creating the World’s largest candy carpet on the streets of Chengdu, China curated by Hong Kong creative studio, allrightsreserved. This public installation aims to bring attention and craig-and-karl-cover-chengdu-street-in-13-tons-of-candy-designboom-11awareness to the underprivileged children in rural areas as well as celebrating Chinese New Year in a fun, colourful and festive way. All candy as well as meals were donated to children after the installation was complete.

The candy carpet stretches 607 feet long, 23 feet wide and encompasses 14,000 square feet. 13 tones of vibrant coloured candy pieces arranged into a variety of symbology and iconography was completed with the help from 2,000 volunteers over the span of 5 days working meticulously by hand.

Stay tuned for Craig & Karl’s upcoming limited edition collection with Sephora. With bottles and cosmetic containers wrapped in their fun illustrations, you’ll wan’t to display them even once the product is finished!

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