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Fashionable Furry Friends


Yes, these pets live the life of the rich and famous. Wether it’s Gaga’s bulldog dressed in McQueen or Lagerfeld’s cat travelling on private jets…these furry friends really do it all!

1. Bubba Sue – Miley Cyrus’s pet pig

2. Cecil – Cara Delevingne’s pet bunny

3. Choupette – Karl Lagerfeld’s cat

4. Neville and Charlie – Marc Jacobs’s dogs

5. Finn – Amanda Seyfried’s dog

6. Sid – Jessica Alba’s pug

7. Milo- Candice Swanepoel’s Jack Russell

8. Walter – Ashley Benson’s dog

9. Butters Perry – Katy Perry’s new puppy

10. Asia – Lady Gaga’s french bulldog