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The New Tiffany CT60 Watch Collection – A Fast-Moving Tribute to the Inventor of the New York Minute



NICHE magazine’s Style Editor visited the flagship Tiffany & Co. location to have a tour with Nicolas Andreatta, Vice President and General Manager of the Tiffany Watch Centre and view the new CT60 collection from Tiffany.

Introducing a new watch for this movement in time, Tiffany & Co releases their new CT60 collection inspired by founder Charles Lewis Tiffany- inventor of the New York Minute. The collection reflects the cadence of modern life and each piece is infused with the energy and ambition summed up in the famous phrase – New York Minute – 60 seconds of pure possibility.

Mr. Tiffany first introduced it’s greatest symbol in 1853, the nine-foot Atlas clock above his store. To this day the legacy continues and centuries of Swiss watchmaking unite in the Tiffany CT60 collection. The collection recognizes the value of time and groundbreaking ideas powered by the movements of the finest Swiss pedigree. Inspired by a Tiffany & Co. gold watch given to U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1945, the collection represents a seamless transition from historic to modern Tiffany design.

Starting at $4,250 the collection will be available at both Tiffany & Co. locations in Vancouver (Oakridge Centre and Holt Renfrew) or from the Tiffany website at www.tiffany.ca


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