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French Dressing: Getting ready for Paris Fashion Week


With summer speeding up and Paris Fashion Week quickly approaching, why not try out some Parisian styles?

No matter which fashion capital you follow during Fashion Week, Paris will always have a “laissez-faire” style that no one can quite put their finger Frenchon. There is a casual elegance to the women of Paris, never over or underdressed.

Unlike the women of London who have a love of over indulgence in trends, Parisians believe less is more, and that stems back to the great days of designer Coco Chanel.

Their way of dressing is spotlight dressing, matching one trend with classic pieces. They often lean towards classic colours; like black, navy and grey, having one standout colour in their outfit.

The unexpected edgy style can be found all over Paris with an undone, purposefully unpolished look. When it comes to showing skin during the summer months, they show it in unexpected ways, like their shoulders or back. Parisians like to be seen as coquettish and this makes the women truly alluring.

Parisian muses like Jane Birkin, Brigitte Bardot, Ines de la Fressange and Clemence Poesy have been style icons for some time. When you feel like adding a splash of “francais” to your style, do so by following these influencing beauties.

Styles to try are: borrowing from your boyfriend, boyfriend jeans and button up men’s shirts paired with fitted feminine pieces are a must. Accessories in moderation: small scarves, the perfect handbag or shoe will take you to Paris instantly. For shoes your go to looks are Flats: oxfords, loafers or ballet flats. Finally you can never go wrong with the Breton Stripe, stripes will never leave the fashion radar and the French always seem to do it right.

How will you get ready for Paris Fashion Week?