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Holt Renfrew Hosts Christopher Bates


On a dreary rainy Vancouver afternoon walking towards Holt Renfrew, not quite knowing what to expect, I embarked on the introduction to yet another astounding and reputable Canadian designer.  Bates – Christopher Bates. Known for designing with the well put together gentlemen in mind, James Bond to be more specific. It was my pleasure to take some time to get to know this charming Canadian menswear master and what makes this brand.

As I approached the interview and mentally applauded the ensemble, Christopher took to explaining what he was adorning, which was a Christopher Bates three-piece comfortable looking but fitted wool tuxedo, as well as the Romeo Italian Cotton custom dress shirt with his signature kiss on the collar.  You can’t help but applaud this gentleman in putting together the structure in what he designs and wears. His tuxedo looked to be something that could walk the red carpet or in my eyes, worn for an evening out. The  collection is executed with such elegant fabrication, from designer daywear to evening apparel. Christopher Bates, a Vancouver, BC native, definitely is beginning to define what he began working towards, which is “being an internationally known menswear designer, based in Europe.”

With the Christopher Bates SS14 collection launching at Holt Renfrew’s Vancouver location as of this April, it is just the beginning of this brands journey. Before landing on the salesroom floor in Vancouver, the Christopher Bates collection had made its way down the runway at World Mastercard Fashion Week in Toronto, which was not the first or the last show that’s for sure. The collection transmits that of what I wish to see walking down the streets and not just the runways. Envision yourself in Europe surrounded by the well groomed gentlemen whom have, structured, yet personalized style, who share the enjoyment for the finer things in life.

Inspired by everything around him, this designer takes to what he loves, which seems to be life. Travelling the world and sharing his passion. Christopher Bates is a living example of how brands begin and begin accordingly. He built a brand and he is seeing it through.


Sara Rose

Go to www.CHRISTOPHERBATES.com to preview more of this brand’s beginning and follow it to where it will go. To view the collection in person, head to Holt Renfrew’s Vancouver location and you will be able to see what I mean. Just try it on, as it wouldn’t hurt to trade in a tux or two for that tartan shirt the Vancouver men seem to enjoy so much.