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NICHE Goes to Red Carpet: Elegance in the City in Support of Beauty Night and Join the Pipe


By Sara Rose, Fashion Editor

This past Saturday evening I had the pleasure of attending Red Carpet Elegance in the City, hosted and prodoced by LuvNGrace and Modern Working Women. NICHE Magazine was also represented. Located at Vancouver’s Waterfall Building, an array of gorgeous Vancouver locals gathered to celebrate beautiful creations, all bringing attention to Beauty Night Society and Join the Pipe Canada. Welcoming guests were the musical sounds of Abigail Henick and Tyson Venegas also singing was Ava Frye. Guests nibbled on scrumptious appetizers prepared by Silk Dinner Lounge, as they admired an impressive art display by Michael Soloman. Fashion shows including Taste Makers by Trish (www.tastemakersclothing.com) , XIXO Leather Artistry (www.xixoapparel.com) and Nancy Perreault (www.nancyperreault.com), successfully captivated the audience.

Thank you again Vernard of LuvNGrace ( www.luvngraceaffair.com ) and Manda Webster, CEO of BE INSPIRED, for the introduction into a lovely affair.

Please find the links below to find out more about these worthy local organizations.


Join the Pipe is the first social community of tap water drinkers. People from all over the world are joining and sharing the same dream of redistributing water in a fairer way.  Over a billion people in the world do not have access to clean drinking water, while in western countries each of us wastes 70 litres of drinkable water every day just to flush our toilets.  Since May 2010 over 3500 people have joined, together with numerous companies, universities, city councils, water companies, schools, airports and restaurants.  To raise money, they sell specially designed bottles, carafes and tap stations resembling elements of a water pipe, and restaurants and festivals make donations by selling Jointhepipe tap water. Together we are building the longest water pipeline in the world.  By drinking tap water you also help to reduce the enormous amount of plastic waste and CO2 emissions caused by the production and transport of bottled spring water.


What is Beauty Night? Makeover + Wellness + Life Skill Development = Life-Makeover

A life-makeover is an opportunity for participants to access the 3 streams of programming to build self-esteem & change their lives. 4 nights each week, Beauty Night offers wellness, life skills development and makeovers for participants. The “beauty nights” take place at shelters, health care facilities, drop in centres, and transition homes. Beauty Night serves 250 impoverished women each week. Since 2000, Beauty Night has given nearly 38,000 makeovers. This would not be possible without the help of our supporters, volunteers and community partners. Beauty Night works to improve the lives of impoverished women.

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