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NICHE and At HOME Victoria Partner with Steve Nash Fitness World, Victoria B.C.


Recently NICHE magazine has partnered with Steve Nash Fitness World for a #NICHE365 challenge. It’s time to shape up and what better way than at Victoria’s newest fitness club at Uptown centre. 9-5 jobs can sometimes IMG_3211make it difficult to find the energy or time to workout within your day, but at Steve Nash the hours are convenient for any lifestyle. One of the largest schedules for drop-in classes and of the widest variety, Steve Nash truly has something for everyone and every body! Wether you like working out alone or need some extra help, Steve Nash offers personal training sessions and constantly has staff on the ground to help with whatever one may be struggling with.

The assortment and quantity of cardio machines makes it easy for quick-gymers to get in and out of the gym without waiting for a certain piece of equipment. There is also an open studio space which is open and can be used by members when there IMG_3212are no classes in session.

NICHE magazine and at HOME Victoria are extremely excited with our new partnership with this fantastic gym in our city and getting into tip-top shape for this coming season and for life!

STAY TUNED our E.I.C. Tracey Drake will be giving away a 1-year platinum membership to Steve Nash Fitness Clubs in conjunction with our #NICHE365challenge! Follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for more information.