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NICHE Goes to School: Mercedes-Benz Style!


For over a century Mercedes Benz has been perfecting a line of vehicles so exquisite that they have taken on a level of fame that is internationally recognized.

By Associate Editor Chelsea Forman

NICHE magazine`s Chelsea Forman passes!
NICHE magazine`s Chelsea Forman passes!

Three Point Motors, the exclusive Mercedes Benz dealer in Victoria BC, offers a unique opportunity for clients.  The Experience Driving Program is a rare chance to test the promises of Mercedes-Benz.  Held in a safe and controlled environment the safety, reliability, durability and performance of Mercedes-Benz was put to the test in an exhilarating half day of driving.  A fleet of the company’s 2013 line up were patiently awaiting ignition as patrons arrived at Victoria’s race track for an unforgettable day on March 8th.

Under the very capable hands of two instructors – both with an impressive background in the luxury automotive and driving industries – guests were taken through a comprehensive course consisting of a structured classroom segment and applied skills component.  The diversity of the participants was quite interesting.  There were new buyers, hopeful buyers, Benz enthusiasts, dreamers, and a few members who already owned one of the models and wanted to see how well the vehicle could really perform under pressure.

The course was designed to prove that the Mercedes-Benz brand in its entirety, is everything outstanding it vows to be.  The instructors encouraged pushing the vehicles to their limits through a number of exercises. The vehicles’ endurance was tested through drills of performance, handling competence and driving control. In every case it was the drivers’ limits that were maxed, and the cool engines of the Benz’s purred quietly, unscathed and waiting for the next drill.

Watching the monstrous GL 450 Sports Utility maintain pace with the sleek SLK on the race track was a solid indicator of the brands structural integrity.  As the fleet of vehicles sped laps on the track the sport of racing turned into something of elegance, a choreographed masterpiece.  While inside the car drivers and passengers alike were filled with severe heart pounding adrenalin, the cars themselves moved on with a chic boredom only Mercedes-Benz could claim.

The Line Up:

2013 C 350 Coupe and 2013 C 350 4Matic Sedan – Defined by its charisma, this model seduces like a sports car with the luxurious space of a sedan.

2013 GLK 350 4Matic – This compact SUV has a sophisticated personality and a powerful presence on the road.

2013 GL 450 4Matic – A distinctive SUV perfect for large families.  The GL is the perfect depiction of how Mercedes continues to evolve and set new standards for the automotive industry.

2013 B 250 – Versatility at its finest.  The B-Class is a sports tourer that is a seamless combination of car and SUV.  Don’t compromise your wants when you can have them all in one.

2013 ML 350 Bluetec 4Matic – A mid-size SUV that has the power to take you over any terrain in the most luxurious comforts.

2012 SLK 250 – One of the most desired sports cars in the world, the SLK is truly impossible to resist.