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Luxury Wrap Fashion That Empowers Women


What is it that your heart desires?

Brocade Beauties - ParadiseFor the B.C. company To Desire, it is to empower and inspire women by creating beautiful fashion in forms of wraps, shawls and shrugs. The collection is nothing but of pure luxury – designed from imported fabrics and appliques from extraordinary distances which includes India and fashion capitals Italy and France.

To wear fashions from this collection is to resonate beauty, confidence, resilience and sensuality. Jeeti Pooni, lead designer and owner of To Desire, states just that:

“I believe every woman should have a voice and the freedom to express herself in which ever voice she chooses.”

And her voice speaks loud in the colourful fabrics, textures and every stitch of her creations, all of which is made locally in Vancouver, B.C.

Her pieces are extremely rich, versatile and can be worn in different fashions – casual with jeans, formal with a cocktail or red carpet gown, and sexy in boudoir to mention only a few from its many possibilities. Some of the pieces have luxurious details including 22kt gold and semi-precious stones. Each wrap is created by women for women of different backgrounds and lifestyles who desires to express themselves in the most fashionable manner.

The fabrics and the hand-woven embellishments are bold and colourful which represents a voice not suppressed and a sleeve inventively stitched for security and in turn speaks for the need for protection, rehabilitation and counselling of thousands of women and children who are victims of human trafficking.

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