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How to Make Your Skin Glow at Home


As natural health and wellness become more prevalent in our society, people are being more cautious about what they’re putting into their bodies. What about skincare and beauty products? Anything we put on our skin is absorbed into the body through our pores, causing problems down the road. As women and men alike demand more control, many home remedies and essential oils are a successful way to begin the transition from synthetic chemical products to nourishing live product applications. Entering the world of natural ingredients can be scary. Essential oils and products found at the grocery store are a good place to start.

it’s in the GROCERY AISLE!

If you want a natural way to care for your skin, here are a few examples of grocery store products that contain vitamins, lactic acid and/or humectant to provide meaningful results:

Coconut oil – Mother nature’s perfect moisturizer
Honey – Organic or raw is best for a fast, effective face mask
Avocado – Antioxidant-rich face wash that cleanses and prevents wrinkles Baking soda – Mix with a little water for a great natural facial scrub Lavender – Amazing stress relieving properties and great for blemishes Buttermilk – Mix with honey as a facial mask, use in bath with essential oils to ease tired muscles, or use with orange peel to treat dark spots

Essential Oils are Your Friends!

The highly concentrated essences extracted from aromatic plants are called essential oils, which can be used alone or in different combinations to achieve the desired results. Essential oils are extremely effective — only a few drops are required and can be used in a variety of ways including baths, massage, perfume, room fragrance, hair and scalp care, facial and skincare.

Many cosmetic and skincare companies have recognized the potential damage of synthetic chemicals and have created professionally developed, “au natural” beauty products. Always be label conscious; read and review ingredients in all beauty products, especially if you have sensitivities or allergies.

Products boasting natural ingredients are oftentimes just as useful as many of the expensive, commercial varieties — sometimes even more so. Here’s one example: Have you ever used a moisturizer that promises “extreme moisture,” only to find that your skin feels thickly coated and tight after application? This is the result of a chemically over-enhanced product that has created a barrier over your skin. Add a layer of makeup and you’ll have yourself a facial traffic jam. Clogged pores galore! Your moisturizer should provide one thing: moisture. Whether you shop in the cosmetics department or the grocery aisle — remember one simple rule: Don’t over-complicate the system!

NICHE’s favourite essential oils:

Almond oil – Treats dry hair and brittle nails

Apricot kernel oil – Treats dry or aging facial skin

Avocado oil – Treats dry and sensitive skin

Evening primrose oil – Treats psoriasis and eczema

Grapeseed oil – Treats sebaceous oily skin

Jojoba oil – Treats dry scalp, dandruff, and acne

Wheat germ oil – Firms skin and minimizes blemishes

By Sara Rose inside the Spring 2014 issue of NICHE

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