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Halloween Makeup Found In Any Kitchen – Fake Blood, Realistic Bruises and More!


Recently I was on Kool FM radio talking about one of my favourite days of the year – Halloween! What other day can you truly unleash your alter ego and let her rule for one ghoulish night? We chatted about the most haunted location in Victoria (did I mention your favourite?), costumes that everyone has in their closet (80’s has-been rocker, for one) and of course, makeup.

Never mind buying store bought makeup effects  – they end up looking… store bought. Here are some recipes you can stir up in your own kitchen, and the results are professional and realistic!

1)      VERY real fake congealed blood: 1 tbs water, 3 tbs corn syrup, add in 6-7 drops of red food colouring (more or less to change the red colour), and then add a little cornstarch or flour to get the thick or congealed effect you are looking for. This will last all night as long as you are not rubbing at it.

2)      Realistic bruises: blues, purple, red and yellow NON permanent markers (don’t use sharpies) and hand sanitizer gel. Make a blue irregular bruise mark using blue marker. Add in splotches of purple, yellow and red and before the marker sets, smear it all together with the hand sanitizer.

3)      Rotting flesh: apply a small amount of non-toxic Kid safe Elmers glue to your face. Apply a torn piece of toilet paper and then continue until you cover as much or all of your face as you want. Then use green/blue food colouring mixed with water and a basting brush to get the rotting flesh colour. Dries instantly. Amazing result!

4)      Hobo, Elderly Man or 80’s Miami Vice: Create very realistic stubble! Apply a very thin layer of Vaseline, and apply coffee grounds or the insides of a regular teabag (don’t use loose tea – the pieces are too large to get a realistic effect).