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Elate_Oct14_436When it comes to DIY and eco-friendly beauty, no one else can show you the ropes like Melodie Reynolds. Her passion is nothing short of contagious and awe-inspiring. After many years of being a makeup artist and DIY beauty workshop guru, she decided to give beauty an elation and created Elate Cosmetics.

Her inspiration came purely from a need, creating something out of it and being your own beauty alchemist. “I’ve been in the industry for a very long time. A number of things prompted me to create my own line. Number one is that creating something from nothing is exceptionally rewarding”, Melodie said. She took her new-found DIY philosophy and brought it to the forefront with her freelance business.

elate 2 elate 1There’s always a hope but not a true realization that makeup and skincare go hand in hand. “You can’t put cosmetics on without talking about skincare. And your makeup should be a compliment to your skin” she expressed genuinely.

The biggest epiphany for her was when she realized that everything is all about rituals. She added, “By making your own products, you take your beauty routine into a beauty ritual because of that little word – intention. Intention is what changes routine into a ritual.” Once she has discovered that in her workshops, Elate Cosmetics came to fruition. “I’m all about shedding those preconceived notions of what beauty really is. It’s the idea that putting on mascara isn’t going to change the world but it may change your perception of yourself just enough so you can” she stated.

“I want a product that is not only going to appeal to a consumer that wants to make an informed decision about what they put on their body but also a product that’s actually going to work.” – Melodie Reynolds

There’s no doubt that the green beauty market is in a huge boom state and for Melodie, it isn’t necessarily about being green. She continued, “What I didn’t like about the products I had been using was that there was a lot of unnecessary ingredients like petrochemicals or preservatives. I didn’t see the need for those things.” The ultimate goal for her was to create a line that offers choices – the freedom to be part of a movement for cleaner cosmetics.

While others instill fear to make the switch, she chooses the power of freewill and self-love. The company’s mission is the idea of loving oneself first and foremost without makeup on. She added “Then the idea of adding a little blush, or applying lipstick and mascara is all about having fun. I want you to have fun. I want you to perk yourself up, feel a little bit better and have that confidence while making a healthy choice.”

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