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Summer-Ready Pedi: 3 Essentials You Need for Sexy Feet


This season is a great opportunity to get our feet soaking in blue waters. The feel of sand in between our toes is a validation that summer has officially begun. And with that privilege comes great  responsibility for primping and caring for our feet.

An average person walks about 3000 to 7000 steps a day if not more and in turn, our feet gets all the beating. And with the summer heat, we wear our strappy sandals with pride which leaves our feet exposed to the elements and causes dry, cracked skin. But fear not!  There are products that will keep feet feeling happy and you feeling sexy:

1. Soak feet with Himalayan Pink Salts

Not only will it soften skin, it also detoxifies and relieves sore and tired feet. Simply add half a cup in your regular foot soak regimen and see the difference. You can also add a few drops of your favourite essential oils for a full relaxing experience. (Nezza Naturals, $16.95 for 1kg bag)

2. Soften dry heels with DIAMANCEL Diamond Foot Buffer # 11

It works hard by gently removing dead skin off your heels to reveal silky smooth feet. (Sephora, $49.00)

3. Nourish feet with Deborah Lippmann “Steppin’ Out” Nourishing Foot Cream

A foot cream that leaves feet noticeably softer. Its list of ingredients include Aloe Vera which is great for calming and healing the skin, Acai for nourishment and Kokum Butter and Olive Oil for continuous moisture. (deborahlippmann.com, $34.00)

TOES need some summer lovin’ too: add a pop of colour with Essie Summer 2014 Collection Nail Lacquers. The intense, vibrant hues will remind you of the many different colours of the jungle.

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