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Far and Away – Rio de Janeiro


On the South Atlantic coast of Brazil is the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro. Confined by the peaks of lush mountains and the warm waters of the Guanabara Bay, Rio is a hideaway from the everyday, a place of colour, nature and excitement. The tremendous geographical beauty connects with the vivacious culture of the people, infusing the city with a potent energy. Rio breathes and intoxicates. It wipes your worries away and leaves you dancing in the streets with the sultry sounds of salsa, in celebration of life.


In January 1502 Portuguese explorers sailed into Guanabara Bay, which they believed was the mouth of a great river. They named the area Rio de Janeiro, translating to River of January, after the date it was discovered.


Start your stay by getting familiar with your surroundings. Taking a cable car to the top of Sugarloaf Mountain will give you pristine panoramic views of the city and you’ll understand why Rio was placed on the Seven Natural Wonders of the World list. Another journey to the top will be to see the largest art deco statue in existence: Christ the Redeemer, at the summit of Corcovado Mountain. Take a morning and climb the renowned Escadaria Selarón steps, they are a magnificent work by Chilean-born artist Jorge Selarón. Afterward head to Ipanema Beach. This world famous stretch of sand is the most fashion savvy and elite beach in Rio; it is lined with gorgeous eateries, boutiques and apartments. Plan to go to Rio over the Carnival, it’s the largest festival in the world and a truly unforgettable experience.


By: Elizabeth Dean NICHE Magazine Holiday 2013