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Far & Away to Bermuda – Travel to the Atlantic Ocean


It’s time to pack your bags and travel to the Atlantic Ocean within 54 square kilometres and 181 tiny islands – the Islands of Bermuda.

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What to do: 

The warm blue waters of Bermuda are one of the greatest draws to this Atlantic paradise, and days can be spent doing any df953b454223a027116d11bb7dd70d30watersport you could possibly dream of. When you need a break from your bikini, spend an afternoon shopping in luxury boutiques in the city of Hamilton. History buffs will delight in the many ancient fortresses and churches around the islands. Gardens for wandering are abundant and the islands are known for sweet smelling flowers. Be sure to take a tour of the Bermuda Perfumery, which opened in 1928 and bottles Bermuda’s many delicious scents.

What’s in a name: 

In the early 1500’s a Spanish explorer by the name of Juan de Bermúdez discovered the islands and they were thereafter named Bermuda. Little was documented about the original discovery of Bermuda, but the 7c3cc7f2a30177593887b7a96ef38223first citizens of the islands arrived in 1609 after their ship was wrecked on a reef near the sandy shores and the colonists aboard took up residence.

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