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Find Out the Best Turn-Based Games for iOS


There are millions of games on the market today and also numerous categorizations. One of them is a distinction based on ‘real-time’ and ‘turn-based playing. What does that mean? Real-time games are usually action games where you have to make rapid decisions without too much thinking and based on your knowledge of characters and skills like prioritization and reflexes. Bullet Hell, Heroes of the Storm or Pac-Man, are just examples of real-time games. On the other hand, turn-based games allow players to pause the world they are in and to think about the decision they are about to make. Therefore, players are encouraged to make the best decision possible for the given situation, and we usually call them strategy games.

Speaking of Pac-Man and Namco, which is a world-known slot machine maker (check it out here for more info on it), some games require to be turn-based. For example, most of the casino ones have many elements of turn-based games because it would spoil the fun of strategic decision-making if you wouldn’t have a pause. It would be borderline impossible. On the other hand, turn-based mechanics in the games can bring many benefits – discussion, practice and reflection. If you are a user of iPhone, iPad or other devices with iOS, here are some of the best turn-based games for this system presently on the market.

Plants vs. Zombies 2

Welcome to the world of plants and zombies but don’t be afraid because here is where you can develop your brain grey matter. You have to grow as many plants as you can and charge them with much good food. There are more than 300 levels and 11 unique worlds, and all are free. With careful and good decisions, you will be able to collect special seeds that will power up your plants and reject zombies.


There is a turn-based option for this game, and you can play it in single-player or multiplayer mode. You can also play against real players or a computer, but the best part of the game is that your victory or defeat depends only on you, your strategy, not your wallet! Free iOS game.

Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf

Free download game where you must develop your strategy and collect cards – this savoury atmosphere game development relies on your way of thinking and different events in the war zone that will cause your card collection.

Heroes of Flatlandia

Be prepared to pay 1.99$ for this game, but as people often say – it is worth every penny. First of all – you will learn cartography because there are many maps for studying. Dwarfs, elves and orcs are living in a very picturesque world where you will be a ruler. The atmosphere reminds us of Alice in Wonderland with so many different creatures. Battles are tactical, and before entering contests, you will have to form your army. Be prepared for anything.

Egypt: Old Kingdom

Most of the games on our list will require a good Internet connection for playing. However, this one is different – you don’t need the Internet to play it to save battery and data spending on iPhone. History lessons wrapped up in strategic abilities, pyramid construction and Egyptian gods that will guide you.  Cost: 4,99$.