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Vancouver Fashion Week Day 3: Highlights


This collection by LILLZKILLZ has been inspired by the concept of creating content using unexpected elements, Lillea has brought a mixture of vibrant coloured vintage pieces into a reworked collection of sequins, bleached denim, leather, and Motocross gear.

The inspiration behind this spring collection by Rebeca Dascal stems from the juxtaposition of winter and spring. The garments in this collection are constructed on a delicate combination of hard and soft fabrics and design concepts, a pure and transparent representation of the personality that wears them, a gracious exhibit of the beauty in us.

VCC – This show is an accumulation of two year’s hard work for the students who are showcasing their collections. Each student is given the opportunity to explore their creative inspiration through the technical skills they have learned in the diploma program. The result is nine unique collections that range from evening wear to avant garde and everything in between.

Macdie – Metaphoric (metamorphose+euphoric) is a collection based on the mind of change, or turn into something that make you feel very good.The fabrics  and the lines of this collection have some allusion of scale print on some pieces to symbolize the human ability to adapt to change.

Bahareh designs are edgy, elegant, comfortable, functional and one of a kind. The brand’s luxurious collections use stunning high-quality cruelty-free materials including faux fur products.

Parisa Yaaseen – The collection is definitely for the avant-garde scene inspired by the image of an abandoned child who suffers from schizophrenia; where she sees imaginary creatures and has colorful hallucinations. Each garment in this collection is an imaginary friend of my muse. The collection has a tremendous amount of handcrafted details, mixed and matched with various fabrics.