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What Every Fashionista Should Know – But Probably Doesn’t

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When it comes to being a trendsetter, you either ‘have it’ or you don’t. However, just because you weren’t born with that inherent sense of style doesn’t mean that you can’t learn all the tips and tricks that make for the perfect fashionista. In fact, that’s why they have fashion schools. Here is where you’ll learn about every aspect of fashion from color to design to body form and everything in between. Are you looking to ramp up your game a bit in the fashion department? If so, here is some of what every fashionista needs to know, but may not. Don’t worry, you’ll be dressing like a fashionista in no time at all.

Go with What Looks Good on YOU

There is something to be said for buying top name labels but if their styles don’t look well on you, shop around a bit. The advice is to create a look that is totally you. Forget what looks good on your favorite celebs. Begin to develop your own style. You don’t need to wear all the right labels designed by leading designers to look totally cool, but you do need to learn what looks best on you. That’s a biggie if ever there was one. The takeaway? Don’t follow the trends, let the trends follow you!

Accessorize to Complete Your Look – Never Go ‘Bare’

Jewelry is perhaps the most important part of accessorizing an outfit that you will ever learn. The truth is that it is far better to buy a few pieces of really good jewelry than it is to buy dozens of cheap, gaudy costume jewelry items because they are trending at the moment. These are fine from time to time, but always have a really good diamond in your lineup such as the ones you will find on this website and bear in mind that diamonds are not for brides alone! From tennis bracelets to diamond watches, rings and pendants, no wardrobe is ever complete without a few high-quality diamonds. That’s a rule!

Learn Fabric Care – A Necessary Skill for Stretching Your Budget

How many times have you bought the perfect sweater or the sexiest dress only to launder it once, per the instructions, to end up with some misshapen blob that doesn’t resemble anything at all what you paid high dollars for? Another rule that should be implanted in that head of yours, blonde or not, forget what the label says about fabric care and learn for yourself how to launder, or even whether to launder, silk, cashmere, wool, cotton, linen and other fabrics that need special care.

So the roundup is, travel your own road, always! Dress in what suits you for your coloring and body type, and forget what the runway models are wearing. Did you think that designers don’t choose models based on their personal look when seeking the perfect girl for runways during fashion week? The top designers know that the model makes the outfit and so should you. Wear what fits you, not what you’d like to fit into. Accessorize well with a few good pieces and learn to care for fabric the right way. Do this and you’ll be an instant hit.