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5 Unmissable Events in Canada to Add to Your Travel Bucket List


Anyone living, working or vacationing in Canada knows that, while it may not be ‘the city that never sleeps’, it is most definitely the country that keeps on giving. From incredible events that take over entire cities to moments of awe-inspiring natural beauty way out in the wilderness, you would be hard pressed to spend time in Canada without encountering an event that goes on to hold a special place in your memory for decades to come.

Whether you’re a born-and-raised local, or a first-time vacationer looking to take in all the incredible moments Canada has to offer anyone in the right place at the right time, read more about five unmissable events to make a beeline for next time you are exploring in Canada.


The Online Casino

What’s better than an unmissable event? An unmissable event that continues on year-round for anyone looking to get in on the action. Canada’s online casino offerings are among the best in the world; due to its popularity, developers are working tirelessly to ensure that their games, stakes and bonuses are able to stand out from the pack and appeal to new and existing players who know exactly what it is that makes a casino great. Take a look at real money casino.com.ca available online for Canadian players, whenever you need to take the weight off your feet.

The Northern Lights

It’s a common misconception that you need to travel to Scandinavia to see the northern lights – also known as the aurora borealis. Those who have been able to witness them can attest to the incredible, unrivalled natural beauty and awe-inspiring hush that falls over the crowd whenever they appear against the night sky. This site offers all the information you need if you have decided to chase down the aurora for yourself.

The best part? You may get a little cold while observing the phenomenon, which makes for a perfect excuse to indulge in a hot chocolate and book a room in a warm log cabin for a night or two.

The Celebration of Light

While this one will also have you staring up at the night sky, you will also get the opportunity to sample some of the amazing city-wide community spirit Vancouver has to offer all who pass through. It is a great way to start your vacation off with a (literal) bang, as the Celebration of Light is regarded as the largest competition for fireworks the world has ever seen.

Take a late evening stroll around Vancouver, sample some of the incredible street food and live music on offer, then end the night observing some unrivalled pyrotechnics amid the excitement and joy of an entire city.

The Montreal Jazz Festival

Anyone with any interest in music should add the Montreal Jazz Festival to their bucket list – and possibly highlight it a few times, as this event is not to be missed.

Thousands of musicians from across the world flock to Montreal each year to play before crowds of jazz lovers. Last year, it attracted around two million spectators, which created an electrifying ambience throughout the city, and ensured that anyone travelling there for the first time was able to experience it in its best light.

Whale Watching

This one is, admittedly, harder to pin down in terms of dates and locations. While you can book a whale watching tour at any time of the year, the best times often fall between May and September. As anyone who has ever witnessed Canada’s whales for themselves will attest, this is one event no one should ever pass up the opportunity to see for themselves.

Take a look at this guide to booking your whale watching trip in Canada.

Canada is home to an astounding variety of sites and experiences, all of which make it an essential destination for any traveller. Consider adding these events to your bucket list, and ensuring that your next vacation is one to remember.