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Extravagant travel options on a budget


Whether you’re planning a trip to the casino capital of Las Vegas, or the exclusive beaches of the French Riviera, these luxurious tourist attractions can have a fairly prohibitive price tag.

But with a careful bit of internet research, we can visit some iconic global destinations on the cheap, and even have a bit of spare money left over for a little retail therapy!

Everybody knows that the boutiques of New York City provide some of North America’s most stunning shopping opportunities. But whilst we may get a thrill out of window-shopping for luxury goods at the likes of Bergdorf Goodman’s, the costs of staying on Manhattan Island can be surprisingly expensive.

This is why many smart travellers choose to stay in the New Jersey and then head through the Holland Tunnel to be right in the middle of the excitement of The Big Apple. Most big cities tend to have areas that are just off the beaten track, but can save you lots of money if you’re prepared to do a little extra travelling.

Similarly, if you’re looking to head to the gaming tables of Las Vegas, you don’t necessarily have to book yourself an expensive suite at casino resorts like The Bellagio.

But rather than booking in at the cheapest threadbare motel, it’s worth doing some online research at sites like Lucky Nugget Casino who provide some handy tips on how to experience Las Vegas glamour without blowing the bank.

And much like this mobile casino site offers a convenient digital alternative to the classic Vegas games, there’s plenty of help in the online realm to give your holiday a touch of extra glamour.

Keeping an eye on the last minute deals at travel sites like Red Tag can uncover plenty of great holiday options. And similarly, it’s worth playing around with Skyscanner’s flight timetables with the ‘anytime’ and ‘anywhere’ options checked to see which exotic destinations could suddenly become surprisingly affordable.

And finally, Airbnb has been one of the biggest success stories in tourism in recent years, and it’s made it so much easier for us to afford a quick holiday accommodation solution in a way that’s so much more flexible than booking at a generic hotel.

So that whether you’re booking a room in a shared house for a few days in the south of France, or even using some negotiation tips to get some money off an apartment amongst the casinos of Las Vegas, it shows how we now have more flexibility to get that holiday of our dreams.