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Friendship socks – The Perfect Pairing


A new fun innovative business has sprouted with a creative idea. What is the one gift you seem to receive every Christmas from family or friends? What do you wear everyday? What do you always need? The answer is socks! Friendship socks is reinventing the

f9pM_xc1gzI0d3PZQ_saywgoNYNhuHAWLIklJZdTrsw,8U97E_xBrYLYODusxMP_QY7rR56fU6YXXXQRUH8JJ-krealm of fashionable socks with a meaning by creating a concept where you and your friend can both receive a pair. Not only is it exiting to match your best buddy or partner, but if you are across the world from them you can send them a pair by simply ordering a pair for yourself online. With birthdays, holidays and events constantly popping up year round, Friendship Socks offers a go-to business model where your friend will receive a link in their Facebook messenger after you purchase your pair and they will be able to log on, pick their socks they want and Friendship Socks sends them a free pair! Wherever your friend may be in the world, once they look down at their socks they will be reminded of you.

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