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Reinvented – The Little Black Dress

NICHE exclusive shoot 87 years after the L.B.D.'s debut


Shot on location at CinderBloc Studio in Victoria BC

Model: Sophia / Elite Toronto

Makeup: Svea Leigh

Photographer: Jonathan Bell (JonathanBell.ca)

Stylist: Janelle Gauthier

The November 1926 issue of French Vogue dubbed Chanel’s LBD as the ‘uniform of the modern woman’. It ushered in an era where any woman, of any means, could have one classic multi-purpose dress. By simply switching up jewellery, accessories, hats or footwear, every woman could be fashionably chic all year round, effortlessly transitioning from day to evening wear.

Since then, the LBD has gone on to inspire traditional couturiers and cutting edge fashion designers through the decades, constantly reinventing its shape, cut, fabric and detail. The silhouette of the Little Black Dress has definitely changed over the years, but in all its forms, remains supremely chic.

While some may put its lasting popularity down to the fact that the colour black is believed to flatter one’s complexion and forgive figure flaws, most reach into their closet for the Little Black Dress because of its ability to be perfect for any occasion.

For Coco Chanel, it was merely a matter of impeccable taste. In reference to her Little Black “Dress, the iconic fashion designer had this to say…

“Really, they are so badly dressed. I will put them all in black to teach them good taste.”

INSIDE NICHE Magazine Winter 2013

NICHE photoshoot