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NICHE Insider – The New Le Chateau Open Concept Store


NICHE had the opportunity to join Jodi, an employee who has worked at Le Chateau for 13 years for a guided tour of their newly renovated store in Mayfair Shopping Centre. IMG_0288Montreal inspired music filled the airy open concept style store hinting at the influence of their heritage on the new mood of Le Chateau reflected in their newest campaign.

There is no surprise that Le Chateau had a revamp coming in the future as the Canadian retailer first opened with a menswear store on Ste. Catherine Street, Montreal in 1959. With over 50 years of experience of creating clothing for women and men of all ages, it seemed like this was the perfect time to show how Le Chateau stays true to their brand legacy and can continue to compete with other labels from their many returning style savvy customers.

Entering the new concept store in Mayfair the first noticeable change, space. Space to let IMG_0276 the eyes rest and enjoy the bliss of shopping and exploring the store. One vertical stretch down the middle of the store reveals a diamond light fixture near the back that instantly catches ones eyes. Not only is the store immaculately organized, but now there is a luxurious shoe section as well as display walls exposing new hot runway inspired accessories. Mirrors are not only being used for function, but also for décor as the light that is brought in fills the store and creates a larger space effect.

The new campaign Le Chateau has released and it is infused with menswear elements, Montreal aesthetic and also garments that have been inspired by runway looks for the season, especially IMG_0271hinting at the 70’s trend and geometric patterns. More than ever, Le Chateau reflects what they have always been set out to do – create fashion for women and men in the work force that is fashionable as well as functional. The new concept store is flooded with a wide assortment of well organized styles. Pantsuits, cocktail dresses and evening wear situated at the back of the store showcased all styles one could dream of for a night on the town.

Some of our favourite looks in store now are their new fringe bags as seen everywhere for IMG_0287fall on the runway, black leather backpacks perfect for school or work and the boots selection with a large assortment of styles. Le Chateau really does have everything you need to refresh your fall wardrobe and with the new bright store accentuating colours, marble styled flooring and open layout, it won’t be hard to spend hours finding your perfect fall outfits.

Big thank you to Jodi and the team at Mayfair Shopping Centre’s Le Chateau.

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