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Studying While Traveling: Tips for Success


The internet is really changing the way we live our lives in many ways. Today, using nothing but a laptop or a smartphone and a working internet connection, you can do anything from making a living to pursuing a women’s health nurse practitioner degree. Even better, you can do all of these things while traveling the world and exploring the best destinations.

Studying is a particularly interesting thing you can do while traveling. Thanks to top names such as Regis College and various online courses available today, more students are choosing to study online while traveling. Before you follow the trend and enroll in a course, however, these next few tips will help you succeed with the course.

Create a Structure

One of the main advantages of taking an online course is flexibility. Courses such as the WHNP degree online we mentioned earlier are designed to be very flexible and 100% online. You can allocate as much – or as little – time as you like for studying, completing course assignments and taking exams.

The courses themselves are flexible. You can choose to allocate more time and complete most courses in as little as 18 months. There are executive programs that can help you get the degree of your choice in less than that. You can also take your time and stretch the course over a longer period of time if you want to put traveling first.

What’s important is to have a structure. Allocate a certain amount of time for studying every day and stick to the plan. Don’t skip your study time just because you have a party to attend. Don’t give in to distractions. Stick to the structure you’ve set yourself and completing the course won’t be a problem.

Be Proactive

You still have lecturers teaching the different classes you take and fellow students participating in the course, even when it is 100% online. The online learning platform used by universities with distance learning programs today are designed to allow students and lecturers to communicate with each other easily. Some universities even set up dedicated email addresses through which you can communicate with lecturers.

When you do decide to take an online course, make sure you utilize these features to your advantage. Don’t hesitate to introduce yourself at the beginning of each semester. This makes asking lecturers questions a lot easier. You should also get familiar with the online learning platform because all course materials, assignments and exams are distributed through it.

Pick a Course You Like

One last challenge to overcome when pursuing a degree online is staying motivated, especially when you’re also visiting gorgeous places in the process. A good way to get around this is by choosing a course in a field you actually love. If you love helping others, for example, healthcare-related courses are definitely for you. Since you love the subjects covered by the program, you don’t have to worry about not having the motivation to open the online learning platform and start reading through books and course materials.

Keep these tips in mind and you will not have a problem completing your online program. You will be able to enjoy the best cities, the most beautiful views and amazing experiences, all while getting a degree online.