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You’ve Found Your Niche – Now What?


Some of the most innovative entrepreneurs have literally re-invented their industries, but even more impressive than their new products or services is the fact that they found their niche and then learned what they needed to know to grow a successful business. Understanding your industry is only part of what it takes to grow a successful enterprise and unfortunately, only a small part of it in some cases. There is much more to growing a successful enterprise than just developing a product. You have found your niche and developed what you hope will be a product to revolutionize your industry but unless you have some business acumen you may never get off the ground. Now that you’ve found your niche, here’s what you need to do.

Learn Sound Business Principles

While you may be concentrating the bulk of your energies on building your business by capturing a bigger market, it’s what you do with all that business once you have it that counts. Many of the most innovative products never made it to mass production because the owner of the business or the company director had no business sense. One of the things you may wish to do is enroll in an MBA online course of study from an esteemed institution like the Carson College of Business at Washington State University. You won’t need to take time away from your business but you will learn how to manage your affairs while building a bigger market share.

Recruit Top Talent for Your Team

Unfortunately, there is only so much you can do on your own and only so many hours in the day. Most startups try to work with a minimal staff to keep finances in control but this could be the death of your company. Even if you need to start one person at a time, it is vital that you recruit top talent to work alongside you as you seek to grow your business. If you aren’t ready or willing to study for a masters in business administration online, then by all means recruit a team member who is willing to further his or her career while building a skill set that will help the company grow.

Never Negate the Importance of Marketing

One of the mistakes that many entrepreneurs make is in thinking everyone out there will be as excited as they are with their new product line. Actually, there is no way they can be because they don’t know your products like you do! You can’t expect everyone to be beating down your door to get their hands on your merchandise if they don’t even know you have it! Marketing is just as important as finding your niche. This is how you draw customers through the broad doors of your industry through to the narrow inner doors of your product line. In real estate the mantra is “Location. Location. Location,” but to an entrepreneur it is “Marketing. Marketing. Marketing.” This is how you get the word out there in the hope of building that excitement that shows you that you are onto something big – just like you know you are.

You have found your niche and now it’s time to market your products and learn to manage your business finances effectively. Once all three of these facets of your business are in place, expect growth. With any one of the three lacking you may still succeed but the road will be bumpy and winding. Want a clear path to success? This is the roadmap to follow so mark your route and you’re on your way.