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Beauty [re] Marks – Lashing Out


Our eyes are often our greatest descriptors, the cover to our life stories, revealing some of our deepest secrets and most fabulous tales. Personally, I think every great book should have a spectacular cover – so it’s time to perfect yours. From fabulously false to clean cut girl next door, your eyelashes can create it, take your pick and WORK it!

Never forgetting our number one rule of thumb – let’s start with our fresh, clean canvas, and approach the lashes from there.

Think: Daytime. Casual. Spiders.

Today is the day for a clean, lengthened & separated lash. Depending on how you’re feeling you can bring out your softer self or recreate the high fashion, spider-lash look of legendary lash girl Twiggy.

Begin with giving your product-free lashes a curl. Curling will aid in creating a fuller and beauty NICHE magazinelonger lasting effect. As with all mascara applications begin from the root of your curled beauties and WIGGLE that wand, pulling the brush along the length. Follow through with three to five applications, coating all of your upper lashes, on the front and back sides. Keep that vision of Twiggy in mind, and continue on with the application even if it feels a little foreign. Try saying the spider-lash is IMPOSSIBLE, I dare you!


1. Clumping. use a metal eyelash comb to separate in the trouble areas.

2. Mascara on your lids. Cover your lids prior to application with a translucent or skin-toned powder.

Let’s finish by bringing the mascara to the bottom lashes, it can add a little something, something to daytime casual. Brown mascara can be a great option for this look to further soften your eyes.

So much to think about, I know. It will be second nature by the time you’re done reading this column. I promise!

Daytime Classy to Evening Sassy!

Let’s bring a little Betty Boop oop a doop to our lives and get some volume pumping from our mascara tubes!

On that note let’s make this clear from now! (RuLE) do NOT pump your mascara. If you are trying to coat your wand with product take it easy and simply turn the brush around in the tube. Pumping your mascara in and out of the tube for product pushes air in quickly, drying up mascara.

For daytime classy let’s bring out the fuller, feminine, fluttering lashes. Once the chosen product is in hand, follow the same steps as taken for your divine ‘daytime casual’ look, but don’t stop at three or five applications, carry on until you feel you can bat your boops just like Betty does. I tend to add more mascara to the end lashes to lengthen my eyes Gucci beautyand create that daytime sassy siren. If you’re planning to partake in any potentially lash destructive activities during the day, do remember to use waterproof mascara, top and bottom – it helps the longevity of the look.

Sassy can be achieved through many mascara/lash application techniques. A version that may not be known or considered is the use of coloured mascara. I tend to keep it in the blue or purple hues; this will make your eyes pop and bring a subtle uniqueness to your frames.

For those days when you’re feeling extra fluttery, try some artificial lashes on for size. Once you have chosen the perfect set of false lashes, line the spine of the lash with your lash glue. Let it dry briefly to add tackiness to the product, this will help to stop you from getting glue all over your lid (I know it’s happened to you). Apply your false lash (with that ever so beautiful one-eye-closed, tongue out effect we all get) and let dry, follow through with curling your natural and artificial lash together, it brings a true united harmony to the effect. Apply mascara on this look as needed and voila, who knew we could get so GLAM!

Sassy-classy-casual-spider lashes is a whole other story and I will let you figure out the road to that yourself. Have fun with your mascara application. use your lashes to their advantage because, you know what they say: if you got ‘em flaunt ‘em.

Show the world the beautiful cover to the story that is your fabulous self.

Sara Rose – NICHE Magazine Spring 2013