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Flat and Thin Hair, Don’t Care – Free your Summer Hair with La Biosthétique


Natural luxurious hair is every woman’s dream. To make your dream come true, you are best starting with the volumising care shampoo from the Cheveux Longs spa range.

Calling all my ladies with fine, long hair who crave the summer volume. Free all worries as La Biosthétique has answered our call for help with their Volumising Spa Shampoo. As someone who constantly searches for products to make hair feel natural while creating the results wanted, it can be hard to base what might work by just reading labels. Well now you have my personal advice and suggestion, as this shampoo will not let you, or your hair down. Specially created for long hair, I was curious to see if it would bring volume to my pin-straight fine head of hair.

I tend to leave hair unbrushed some days to create a more natural texture, but by using La Biosthétique’s Volumising Spa Shampoo I noticed luxurious and voluminous texture after brushing! This shampoo enrobes every single hair with its innovative anti-aging factor which strengthens long hair and protects it from aggressive environmental influences and thus from dehydration, particularly in the tips.

Wether you are headed on vacation and looking for a great shampoo for sleek volume on beach days or simply a little extra volume for everyday wear, I recommend trying this shampoo as it will most likely become a daily essential.

If you are looking to add some beachy waves I recommend La Biosthétique’s Beach Effect Styling Spray.

Stay tuned for our Hair in the City feature within the summer issue of NICHE.