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Taxis in Mumbai Become the Newest Art Venue


Founder of Taxi Fabric, Sanket Avlani gives artists room to express themselves inside Mumbai’s street taxis. There are many artists that choose to design the interior of a taxi and the most tumblr_nspb605x9V1u8rtwro3_1280recent being, Ankita Shinde – view her story online here where she designs the Taxi Fabric for her driver after listening to where he likes to go in the city in his free time. Unlike most taxi interiors this artist project gives a sense of wonderment and creativity to boost the mood and happiness in others.

For Taxi Fabric’s 10th anniversary they collaborated with Kunel Gaur for a ‘A Century of Revolt’ print inspired by a century of struggle by young India desperate for freedom. His design is intricate and emanates a feeling of grandeur, which fits perfectly with his idea of ‘A Century of Revolt.’

“The Taxi Driver, Mr. Mohammed Arif told me about his uncle who was himself a freedom fighter. At most times when the artwork was being fitted to his taxi, he would stare at it in silence.”  – Guar on his designs.

Taxi Fabric also brought on Pakistan Artist, Samya Arif.  “I was approached by Taxi Fabric to do a design for the upcoming independence days of both India and Pakistan. I based my designs on the idea that Indians and Pakistanis are essentially the same people, coming from similar roots and focusing on our commonalities and unique characteristics at the same time.” – Arif.

Here are some of our favourite collaborations with Taxi Fabric in Mumbai: