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Germen Crew Colours the Village of Palmitas Mexico


Artist collective – Germen Crew brightens things up in a low-income neighbourhood of Mexico. Germen crew is a youth organization of artist and muralists that have currently been crew-germen-graffiti-town-mural-palmitas-4working on transforming and revamping the village of Palmitas in Pachuca, Mexico with their new government-sponsored urban renewal project.

Germen Crew has turned 209 homes into one immense canvas for a rainbow mural – El Macro Mural Barrio de Palmitas. Brining happiness and joy to over 450 families, nearly 2,000 people by having their homes artistically germen-1transformed into a colourful masterpiece for the world to see.

Taking the reins on this artistic endeavour, Mibe, a Mexico City based street artist led the collective on their two and a half month project nearly an hour and a half drive out of Mexico City. The crew-germen-graffiti-town-mural-palmitas-1Mexican government camp up with the concept as a way to unite the community by bringing local art and the small town of Palmitas together to combat violence among young people.

Watch this video to see the town inhabitants before and during the transformation  here