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Accessorizing from head to toe? We chose rose!


Have you been searching for a way to revamp your summer accessories? Rose gold is the perfect summer shade to add a subtle pop of hue to any ensemble. Not only do blush copper infused accessories instantly add a warm element to your everyday look, but also is a great standout component to any simple attire. Rose gold can help achieve that sun-kissed look we all dream of yet some skin tones cannot reflect.

Since rose gold is closer to many skin tones it looks striking by adding a tasteful shimmer to your beach or poolside glow. By collectively adding silver, gold and copper, Rose gold becomes the chic and feminine result. A great way to feature your rose gold accessory would be contrasting a simple and crisp outfit. You can incorporate the trend into your look by wearing rose gold hues in shoes, watches, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, bags, belts and more.