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Pancake Bar Party – Perfect for Sunday Brunch!


Yes, you heard us…pancake bar! Mix things up this weekend with a spin on a Sunday morning favourite. Pancake bars involve getting friends or family together and enjoying this breakfast favourite in a smorgasbord style way. So let’s get started…

tumblr_m192des4vH1qbih6so1_5001. You will need a pancake recipe. Depending on certain dietary restrictions or preferences there are many different recipe links available online to suit your guests needs and wants. We will start off with just basic light and fluffy flavourful buttermilk pancakes which are easily made with this online recipe

2. Step 2 – you will need syrups and sauces. We recommend a fruit sauce topping as well as butter and maple syrup to give a variety to your guests. Also, another great topper that can be used is yogurt! Get your extra protein for the day by liamsbirthday10picking up some greek yogurt which is high in protein is extra creamy. If you are looking for a tasty spread try putting out a bowl of peanut butter and Nutella to enjoy warm melting on the fluffy pancake.

Fruit based sauce

3. Step 3 – Pick up toppings for the pancakes! This could range from fruit ( strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, mango, kiwi, blackberries and more), nuts (almond slivers, walnuts, pecans, pine nuts and more) dried alternatives ( driedBack-to-School-Pancake-Bar_01cranberries, coconut flakes, goji berries and more) or sprinkles, whip cream and candy goodness!

4. Step 4 – Set up your table with plates at the top. Then place the tray of warm pancakes right after the plates – we’re thinking sequence here! Sauces and fruit toppings should be placed after and lastly at the end of the table candy and sweet garnishes as well as cutlery!

If it’s warm outside enjoy your pancakes in the backyard! If not, a living room pancake party sounds like a great alternative.

Step 5 – ENJOY!