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All the Flash But No Commitment #tempTAT


IMG_4288w__12407.1405401824.1280.1280Remember the excitement of applying temporary tattoos back in your childhood years? Or possibly a fine memory of Shane West applying a temp butterfly tattoo onto Mandy Moore’s shoulder  in ‘A Walk to Remember’ comes to mind.

The next big thing in fashion is a temporary flare which looks like a lifetime commitment. Sure, coloured hair is still a fan favourite, but skin art is taking a grip and giving us another creative way to express personal style. With numerous online retailers such as Etsy.com as well as larger chain stores such as Urban Outfitters, not only are these fun accessories quite accessible, but also highly affordable.

Similar to that summer fling that girls gush over, temporary tattoos are giving us temporary excitement without any strings attached. Yes, your dream has come true, we can now wake up apply that fun tattoo we have always wanted and then return home and rub it off without any regrets or needles. Not only does it give us another way to add personality to our daily looks, but this genius jewellery inspired idea is about the same price as a daily Starbucks run. Street style bloggers, runway collections and celebrities have shown us that metallics are indeed a great match with fresh summer tan. So time to put the metallic hype to the test, no need to make commitments, temporary tattoos are here and hopefully not just temporarily.

Here’s a few of our favourites:

1. Tattly Friendship Bracelet, Urban Outfitters, $5.

2.Light As A Feather Tattoo, Thread Sence, $5.50.

3.Child Of Wild X Flash Tattoos, $30.

4. Sheebani tattoo, Flash Tattoos, $25.

5.Mandala Tattoo, JoellesEmporium on Etsy.com, $6.96.

6. Gold and Silver Tattoos, DrippedInGold on Etsy.com, $11.