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Layer Up! Easy Guide to Applying Your Skin Care Products


The beauty industry has concocted products that cater to every skin care needs. With beauty vanities full, hearts determined and minds confused, women have found themselves asking the question “Which skin care product goes on first?”

STZ08BEAUTYCREAMS_389575kWinter is the perfect season to layer and we are not just talking about fashion per se. Your skin will not only reap the benefits, it will also be protected from the dreary effects of cold weather. Applying beauty products is an art form in itself. Think of it as if you are painting a masterpiece.

ALWAYS START WITH A CLEAN CANVAS. This is a very important step to ensure that product can be easily absorbed by the skin. Washing your face gets rid of dirt and impurities and using a toner balances the skin’s pH while prepping the skin for product application.

BEGIN LIGHT. Let skin take advantage of the nutrients from facial serums. Containing potent ingredients, it boosts skin’s quality and in turn increases the effectiveness of other skin care products. It also helps smooth out skin for effortless makeup application.

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SPOT TREATMENT. This is the perfect time to apply prescribed topical medication to treat acne or breakouts since skin has been invigorated. Wink away wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes with an eye cream.

SEAL IT IN. Moisturizers not only locks in all the nutrients, it also keeps skin glowing and hydrated. Its molecular structure allows it to replenish the skin’s natural moisture elements and it acts as a barrier from the cold elements.

SUN PROTECTION IS MANDATORY. Let everything set and then apply SPF protection. If your skin is on the oilier side, opt for moisturizers that have SPF protection. Take advantage of BB and CC Creams!

Pro-tip: It’s important to take breaks every application to let each layer sink into the skin and set.