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The sky quakes, shaking up the ANGEL galaxy…


Are you ready to discover Angel, as if it was for the very first time?

ANGEL EDP GEORGIA MAY JAGGER ENThe image of ANGEL takes a radical departure with the choice of Georgia May Jagger and the graphic design. While breaking away from previous campaigns and traditional advertising, it is in perfect keeping with the bold and daring style that makes the brand stand out.

Recalling the many facets of the fragrance, the new ANGEL visual reveals a timeless style and reflects the “ANGEL effect”… as explained by Christophe de Lataillade, Creative Director of Clarins Fragrance Group:

“The ANGEL effect is the metamorphosis of a woman who expresses the different facets of the fragrance: the celestial facet, which we might even call cosmic, the delicious facet and the voluptuous facet. This effect expresses the universality of youth and speaks to us all in a completely new language.

Born from the explosion of a star in the infinite blue of the cosmos, a woman takes shape before our very eyes: a silhouette on the move. She walks towards us with a determined step, striding past the waves and strata, visual metaphors of the ANGEL effects, brought with her from her celestial journey. These transformations give form to her femininity until she arrives before us, confident, triumphant and bold. A powerful woman, still half draped in sky blue… This is the triumph rather than the birth of Venus. She carries her favorite star like a trophy, the emblem of her addiction.

The visual captures this moment of power and accomplishment.”

This campaign, created by Norwegian fashion photographer and film director Sølve Sundsbø, in a style, unprecedented in the fragrance world, opens the way to a new era in the ANGEL legend.

Please be there on September 23rd, for the Angel movie discovery…