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The Superheroes of Stella McCartney: Resort 2015


Set in a beautiful outdoor garden on a sunny June evening, Stella McCartney’s Resort 2015 was a lively and colourful event.

Not your typical scenery for a Resort collection, Stella was thinking outside the box once again. With a liveStella band, drinks and an all-star crowd, this was the party of the season.

Inspired by two very different ideas, her parent’s style from the seventies and her kid’s love of superheroes, it was a connection between generations.

The theme was one of empowerment: superheroes for superwomen. It was a collection for women who are not afraid to take chances and who wear their clothes, not let their clothes wear them.

Stella used colour and print everywhere, bringing her pieces to life. There were patchworks of prints and stripes, the trend of mixing prints still predominant. The dresses were collages of different patterns and fabrics, reminiscent of the bright coloured superhero costumes.

The pieces were sexy, with side cutouts and peepholes on the torsos of the dresses. The sexiness of the collection was met with a sporty style, that softened and feminized the looks. The pants had elastic waistbands that moved with the wearer, giving them freedom from the constriction of the typical skinny trouser. Stella’s inspiration from her parent’s seventies wardrobes was evident in the silhouettes of the pieces in the sexy halter-tops and the free spirit of feminine tailoring in the scarf dresses.

The accessories, which were both worn by the models and on display throughout the garden, were equally as fun and daring as the pieces in the collection. The clutches were flat and in the shape of masks, reminiscent of the faces of comic book characters. The shoes were towering platform sandals, or wooden wedges with architectural cutouts, echoing the cutouts in the clothing. Even the nails were bright; Sally Hansen collaborated with Stella and designed bold graphic nails, in true superhero colours.

Stella did a wonderful job of designing a collection inspired by her family members. This combination made the perfect summer collection, soon to be coveted by many.