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NICHE Goes to BRUN for an Airbrush Tan


By Tracey Drake, NICHE Editor in Chief

So the NICHE Inspiration Ball is a few days away and my skin is so white, it should be illegal! My Ralph Lauren gown has a Grecian halter neck – layers of midnight blue chiffon silk pleats falling from a silver choker neck(lace). I had the gown on for a nanosecond and knew that I needed help and by help I mean colour! My English/Swedish/German heritage was shining in all its pale skinned glory!

My options were clear: self tanners (which I have never had any luck with), 10 days worth of aggressive booth tanning (an option that was not for me) or a spray tan (which I had NEVER tried before!)…

On the recommendation of a NICHE editor, I made an appointment at BRUN Body Bar on Government Street for an upper body airbrush tan. Monica Barrington-Fooote is the owner of Brun and she was my wonderful technician. She was SO much fun, made me feel completely at ease and was exceptionally skilled with that airbrush. For the first time, and since my gown is full-length, I opted for the more modest upper body tan. Next time, I am going for the full monty – it was such an excellent experience!!

Monica invited me back on Friday if I needed a touch-up before the big night, with no extra charge! I was feeling very special indeed, but this is a service that they offer to all clients. Again, very impressed.

The salon was lovely – modern chic mixed with charming vintage. The entire staff was welcoming, friendly and accommodating. I was so impressed with the salon, with the beauty of the airbrush tan, and with the warmth and genuine positive attitude of Monica, I told her I would be writing this blog article about my experience.

Once step closer to having a wonderful red carpet experience at the NICHE Inspiration Ball on Saturday.

PS – a special shout-out to Kaitlyn who gave me an awesome brow makeover (wax and tint) as well. She is new to Brun, a recent graduate of Aveda Institute on Douglas Street, and working as a Jr. Esthetician at Brun Body Bar.

About Brun Body Bar

In the heart of downtown Victoria B.C., we have the private two upper floors of an amazing space off of the busy Government St. and Fort St. crossing. They offer tanning, both UV and UV free airbrushing, esthetics, hair, manicures, pedicures and a variety of products ranging from skincare, haircare, body care and jewellery.
If you go, tell them NICHE sent you!


  1. Hi Tracey, Steve, Chelsea, Leia and Stephanie, I’ve been following you on Facebook and feeling excited for your success. 🙂 I love the airbrush idea Tracey, I was hoping to see a picture of you. I’m going to try that some time. Like it! Love to you all, Kathy