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COACHELLA Weekend 2 – The Bands That Blew Us Away


1397939088000-485570121This years line-up featured many top artists such as: Arcade Fire, Ellie Goulding, Pharrell, Nas, Disclosure, Lorde, Lana Del Rey, Outcast and more. Not only established artists, but also up-and-comers took the spotlight during the 3-day festival as each one of the six stages was constantly packed with a fan following.

The first day of the festival featured Californian sister trio, HAIM who rocked it out and engaged their fans with instrumental solos and hair whipping to catchy song lyrics. Bastille, the UK rockers who hit high success from “Pompeii” started off their set with a track of debut album, “Bad Blood”. The crowd from all five stages shuffled to the large main venue for Ellie Goulding to perform as the sun was about to set. As if a scene from “Walking Dead” the ground filled with sun-drained fans trying to squish to the front. For those who made it close, it was well worth the squishing to witness Goulding give one of the most energetic performances of the entire weekend. Not only did she look incredible in a black crop top and matching shorts, but her voice and drum solo echoed throughout the grounds proving her undeniably radiant talent. To end the first day, Outcast reunited on stage to deliver a high energy act featuring sing-along top hits keeping the audience fully engaged.

As day two began, it was clear that back and feet pains were kicking in. There was no time to take a rest as Pharrell Williams was about to hit the stage and rumours of appearances from top A-listers were being spread. With a range of old school hit songs and new chart topping songs of album, GIRL, Pharrell brought up Jay-Z, Usher, Pusha T, T.I. and world renown dance crew, Jabbawockeez to add to his already enthusiastic following. Lorde demanded attention on stage as her vocals breezed through the night air with a large audience singing back the lyrics. The stage set the mood with massive gold frames as the backdrop and faux candles lit on the ground. Saving her smash-hits “Team” and “Royals” for last, the 17 year old sensation captivated her audience from the moment the lights rose to the last note sung. Closing day 2 was rapper Nas who celebrated the twentieth anniversary of album, Illmatic. Adding to the already eager crowd, a surprise element was added by welcoming Damian Marley and Lauryn Hill to the stage.

As day 3 rolled around with the sun streaming hot heat down on the grounds, crowds flocked to the Fruttare frozen fruit bar tent. The enclosed air-conditioned room was the perfect place to rest up and listen to music while preparing for Lana Del Rey. Dressed in a bright retro dress, Lana gave a spine-tingling performance including her new single, West Coast which was the perfect conclusion to the most popular West Coast music festival.