HIROMI ASAI Kick-Starts Her Way to NYFW


This New York Fashion Week we welcome Hiromi Asai! Asai “kick-started” her way into NYFW raising funds to showcase real 0dd96ede01576452db065dcba6c6eb0b_originalKimono on runway – saving artisans and the art of Kimono creation. This show is all about authentic kimonos for the first time at the “Big-4”. Hiromi Asai & Kimono Artisan Kyoto presents the runways show on 2/16 at 1pm at The Dock, Skylight at Moynihan Station (360 West 33rd Street, New York, NY).


Hiromi Asai is a New York-based kimono stylist and designer. She, born in Tokyo, grew up surrounded by traditional Japanese culture. In University, she studied traditional Japanese theater and its fashion, which gave her a deeper appreciation for the history of the kimono. Furthermore, she studied tea ceremony, classical Japanese dance and Noh. To acquire more skills and knowledge about the kimono, she learned kimono styling and traditional Japanese dressmaking at the kimono fashion academy. She became a certified master kimono instructor and started working as a professional kimono stylist.

After she came to New York City in 2008, she started her styling business as Kimono Hiro in NY. Then she founded MODE & CLASSIC LLC in 2010. MODE & CLASSIC is now recognized as a 1e3c7e84df028dcd11eb3bb5a04e5bb7_originalunique kimono styling / design company in the United States.
Her activity attracts attention in the United States, as the interview appeared in The New York Times (“Wrestling the silk” in April, 2009) and the opinion about kimono fashion was published in The International Herald Tribune / New York Times (“Liberate the kimono” in March, 2011).

Hiromi Asai created various fashion & art pieces featuring kimono for advertisements (Verizon Wireless in 2009), fashion magazines, films and TV programs. She also gave kimono demonstrations across the States. She collaborated with a designer, Susan Cianciolo to produce fantastic styles at New York Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2011collection. The collaboration in the art field was accomplished with a visual artist and photographer, Laurie Simmons, to create a film: Geisha Song (February, 2011) and a series of photos: The Love Doll (August and October, 2011). In addition, she successfully produced a series of kimono fashion shows at Van Gogh Museum in 12243232_971191226288634_6411134866919458089_nAmsterdam and The Museum of World Culture in Gothenburg, Sweden in April, 2011. She is expanding her business for kimono fashion design and styling. She and MODE & CLASSIC presented bi-annual seasonal fashion collection, starting as “FUSION” for Spring/Summer 2012 at BK Fashion Weekend.

She has believed that kimono would be recognized as a universal formal wear that is beyond cultural and ethnic boundaries. Now she and MODE & CLASSIC contribute themselves to the development of such movement.

In 2013, Hiromi Asai opens a new studio “Kimono Hiro in FL” in Downtown Miami, Florida. Hiromi Asai & Mode & Classic offer various service related to kimono and Japanese fashion in New Yrok as well as in Florida.